Technical Project Manager

Technical Project Manager
US - NC - Triangle Park


  • Performance testing of Lubricant Components
  • Focus on projects specifically related to Anti-Oxidants, Lubricant Formulations, Anti-wear, Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Presentation of technical papers at industry events
  • More emphasis on reviewing research literature.
  • Additional Description   
  • Program Test Manager 
  •  The Program Test Manager role is a dedicated resource tasked with the overall responsibility of the successful execution of testing within the program to achieve a high degree of quality to reduce risks & issues and increase customer satisfaction. The role involves quality and test advocacy, heavy coordination, resource planning and management, and resolution of issues that impede the test effort. This covers:
  • Negotiating the ongoing purpose and deliverables of the test effort including development and maintenance of the Program and individual Solution test strategies
  • Ensuring the appropriate planning and management of the test resources including test plans / requirement traceability matrix (RTM), test cases, environments, data, personnel, etc.
  • Coordinating and managing the testing execution and defect resolution across the integrated systems and teams required for solutions delivered within the program, including end-to-end business process testing across all involved systems.
  • Assessing the progress and effectiveness of the testing efforts, and reporting to all relevant parties, also acting as an escalation instance in case a root cause analysis across multiple systems is unclear, involvement of architects if root cause is a design issue which can not be solved by testers and developers
  • Advocating the appropriate level of quality by establishing and controlling the testing entry & exit criteria
  • Advocating an appropriate level of testability focus in the software development process


  • The appropriate skills and knowledge for the Program Test Manager is:
  • Knowledge of all aspects of the software engineering process
  • Experience in a wide variety of testing efforts, techniques and tools
  • Experience managing testing efforts across multiple technical teams in different locations and time zones.
  • People skills, especially diplomacy and advocacy skills
  • Planning and management skills
  • Knowledge of the domain, system or application-under-test (desirable)
  • Experience programming or managing programming teams (desirable)
  • Characteristics
  • Desired characteristics for the Program Test Manager is:
  • Detailed oriented
  • Proximity to Client APN’s site in Research Triangle Park, NC

Additional Details:

  • Global IT Project Management experience for Testing Program Management and Coordination (NC, Germany, and India)
  • Confident and amicable personality that can stand up and give difficult feedback comfortably and provide positive perspective along with specific details on path forward solution.
  • Discerning view/understanding of big picture from varying perspectives. Strong collaboration skills
  • Broad experience across PM, Data Integration, Dev Ops in order to understand gaps from more than one perspective
  • Create and manage test plans for continuous integration and deployment scenarios. Will work on 4 projects simultaneously in an agile environment for quarterly releases.
  • Data Integration Testing
  • Web & Mobile environment
  • Adobe, Agile (front end)

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