Software Engineer Practitioner

Software Engineer Practitioner

Position Description:
Ford Product Development is seeking a DevOps Engineer to assist teams developing software for Ford Vehicles to utilize modern processes, methods, and tools to create higher quality software more efficiently. This person will be a member of development teams helping to utilize Ford's Software Development Ecosystem (GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, Docker, Node Package Manager and Nexus) to take time and complexity out of the team's workflow. This person will assist teams by understanding their software life cycle and creating automation and integrations that help the teams achieve better traceability. This person will also provide feedback into the Software Development Ecosystem backlog to help drive continuous improvement in the toolset. Responsibilities: • Manage and run the automated build process and internal developer tools for a large workgroup building a large HTML5 / Javascript / CSS / React JS front end web application. • Extend and maintain continuous integration test environment based on Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Node Package Manager (npm). • Develop and maintain internal sites and tools that are crucial for development, review, and testing. • Maintain internal and external package dependencies required to build the products for test and release. • Assist developers and testers in integrating and building their packages and tests. • Design, build, and implement cross-tool integrations • Design and prepare for data migrations • Tool Lifecycle Management • Develop and maintain documentation for tools

Skills Required:
• HTML5 • JavaScript • GitHub • Jenkins • Docker/Kubernetes • Node Package Manager (npm)

Skills Preferred:
• Proficient in High Level Languages (Java, C++, Python, etc.) • Excellent written and verbal skills • Comfortable working with SOAP and JSON based APIs and Nexus (coursework allowed) • AWS and/or Azure

Experience Required:
• 3+ years experience using and administering tools like GitHub, Jenkins, Docker/Kubernetes and Node Package Manager • 2+ years Web Based Software Development experience (HTML5/JavaScript)

Education Required:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Network & Systems Administration, Software Engineering, or similar field

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