Safety Manager I

Safety Manager I
US - CA - San Diego

  • Safety Manager I in San Diego, CA
  • 3 month contract
  • Administratively manages documentation for the Safety & Environmental Department. This includes, but not limited to, Workers Compensation claim information, employee training records, KEY Element process activities, safety/health committee documentation. 
  • Coordinate training activities for the S&E Department and S&E Program owners. 
  • Assist the Occupational Health Nurse with coordinating employee medical care and administrating the Workers Compensation Program; e.g., establish and communicate employee medical appointments, maintain employee medical files, and other activities as required. 
  • Work with Safety & Environmental staff to standardize and simplify reports and forms for process control. 
  • Work with S&E staff to revise, organize and update files with departmental associated programs. 
  • Provides support for S&E staff in the implementation of Federal/state/local mandated programs. 
  • Coordinate/document all credit card purchases. Keep P.O. book and invoices and prepare end of the month statement for accounting. 
  • Perform administrative activities such as typing, filing, organizing, making copies. 
  • All other duties assigned by the Safety & Environmental Manager. 
  • Interprets and takes ownership of GMPs and food safety company standards. 
  • Must be able to provide recall information for raw material usage as well as disposals. 
  • Coordinate with Quality Assurance on any product placed or released from hold status, raw materials as well as finished product. 
  • Participate in the QRMP yearly audit and assist in the development of procedures and corrective actions. 
  • Accountable for the QRMP (Quality Risk Management Process) system and operational standards as outlined in the plant accountability list in order to achieve targeted RCR. 
  • Participates in the implementation of the factory’s playbook, especially in the pillar assigned to the department, to ensure successful completion of all checklist items/actions within the playbook. 
The Safety and Environmental Administrator must possess knowledge of and understand the following: 
  • The policies and procedures related to processing Workers Compensation claims and maintaining such files. 
  • The policies and procedures for related to the medical care for employees. 
  • The policies and procedures related to the process by which reporting should be completed.•The process for maintaining and updating files associated with departmental programs. 
  • How to interpret and implement Federal/state/local mandated programs. 
  • The policies and procedures for documenting invoices in P.O book. 
The Safety and Environmental Administrator must posses the following skills: 
  • Record and maintain employee training records, KEY Elements process activities and other safety/health document. 
  • Organize and Plan for the implementation of training activities for the S&D Department and S&E program owners. 
  • Communicate with medical offices to make medical appointments etc.•Ensure that reports are completed following the company’s standards for reporting. 
  • Prepare end of the month financial statement according to the accounting department’s standards. 
  • Execute administrative and other duties assigned by Safety & Environmental Manager. 
The Safety and Environmental Administrator must possess the following minimal education and experience: 
  • High School diploma preferred.
  • Solid computer experience to include proficiency with Microsoft Word. 

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