Quality Technician IV

Quality Technician IV
US - OR - Portland

  • Quality Technician IV in Portland, OR
  • 3 month contract
  • No prior work experience required (Entry Level Position)
Daily Responsibilities:
  • Key point of contact to help identify and resolve issues for any and all food safety, regulatory and quality issues on the shift (holds, sanitation concerns, start ups, extraneous investigations, etc) 
  • Product attributes for the previous shift must be reviewed at the beginning of each shift (including net contents). Operations will print all holdable attributes from KPOG for the shift folder which is turned into QA at the end of their shift. 
  • Each technician is to review mixing sheets (207’s) during the shift. When auditing the mixing sheets, errors such as incorrect lot numbers, quantities, temperatures, etc should be identified. 
  • Metal Detection 
    • Review Metal Detector checks completed during the shift and react to any non-conformities, sign off at the end of the shift. 
    • b.If any metal detector failure/deviation occurs a risk assessment must be completed by the end of your shift on the day of the occurrence. 
    • c.Create and maintain test packages. 
  • Holds 
    • a.Technician will lead the initial investigation and get the right resources involved in the investigation to complete the 5 why and corrective action sections. 
    • Holds must be documented in the database and must clearly identify the non-conformities. Supporting data should be documented in the hold details. Supporting data includes, but is not limited to, the following: Investigation details, root cause/corrective action, KPOGs data points, specification limits . 
    • c.Categorize (I, II, or III) holds appropriately 
    • d.Take pictures of any issues that will support the hold for non-conforming product. 
    • e.Perform traces in Red Prairie and notify Supervsir/manager if suspect product has shipped. 
    • f.Request product from the hi-rise, assess pallet timeframes to see which pallets fit the hold timeline for disposition or rework. 
    • g.Set up rework form and pull samples for retesting. Work with operations to sample/rework Quality Holds. 
    • h.Reconcile hold folder up to and including holds database, kwic report and hold form. 
  • Model 26 Documention is to be reviewed daily. Any deviations should be caputured in the Deviation report & Finished Goods hold notice to Quality management and operations (BUMS, Supervisor, etc). 
  • Extraneous findings should be uploaded to the teamsite and stored in the file cabinet in the Main Quality office. They are not to be left on the counter. 
    • i.Lead the extraneous investigations to determine the source. Assist operations in completing the Deviation Reports. 
  • GMP/Food Safety Inspections 
    • i.Pre-operational inspections must be completed prior to start-up whenever an area has been idle for 8 hours or more. Production lines should not start up unless the required paperwork ins turned into Quality and completed forms are stored in the appropritate binder located in the Quality office 
    • Equipment must be inspected after maintenance work is completed. An orange tag will need to be signed off for these events. 
    • Ad hoc inspections are required for other events that are Quality or Food Safety concerns: environmental issues, bloodborne pathogens, brittle plastic or broken glass 
  • Each QC technician is expected to troubleshoot and resolve issues for equipment occurring on their shift. 
  • Shift Reports must be completed and saved to the team site on a daily basis to keep track of all quality issues that occur on each shift. 
Individual Responsibilities:
  • Lab equipment (weekly) calibrations
  • RFT/Faulty
  • GMP Inspections 
  • Incoming ingredient review & release 
  • Raw and packaging material complaints/investigations 
  • Consumer complaint investigstions 
  • Provide Quality training sessions at Leadership meetings and assist with all required Compliance trainings for hourly employees

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