Project Manager II

Project Manager II
US - MA - Waltham

  • Project Manager II in Waltham, MA
  • 6 months contract
  • To lead a specific portfolio of projects and/or project team within one area by securing and managing project resources to ensure that projects are completed to stakeholder requirements, within budget and with minimal operational disruption. 
  • At the higher level directs and coordinates all project or program activities including project design, management, and review within one area or of one type across the organization to ensure major project activities are completed on time and within budget. 
  • Monitor and control allocated project resources, maintaining financial and progress forecasting in order to ensure projects are delivered according to schedule and within budget. 
  • Implement project tracking mechanisms to be able to provide timely and concise updates on project progress to senior management and key stakeholders highlighting areas of risk and capturing key decisions. 
  • Assist in identifying potential conflicts in use of resources and other project scheduling issues and propose solutions and corrective actions to overcome the obstacles. 
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with key stakeholders such as consultants, procurement, and the business teams in order to share best practice, identify potential new projects and liaise with other working areas during project progression. 
  • Oversee the operational workload of the project team ensuring allocated staff are fully utilized in order to deliver against agreed project schedule. 
  • Challenge existing project processes, technologies and systems to continuously seek ways to do things better in order to achieve department and business objectives and drive greater efficiencies for the business. 
  • Lead, motivate and develop assigned project resources, prioritize work and allocate resources in order to ensure results are delivered in line with expectations and customer/business objectives. 
  • Develop and maintain project documentation, including the necessary approvals and permits where relevant, so that an accurate record exists for review and regulatory purposes. 
Additional Accountabilities for Band D: 
Band D employees are expected to deliver on the key accountabilities list above as well as those listed below:
  • Lead the project and program initiation process by supporting the creation of the program charter and objectives, developing assumptions, identifying all risks, calculating resource requirements and managing all interdependencies with other programs within the company so that any overlaps are eliminated and all transitions are as seamless as possible. 
  • Ensure all projects and programs continue to be appropriately assessed, designed, planned, resourced and scheduled in a timely and cost effective manner in order to ensure best value for the company. 
  • Build positive relationships with managers, business units and other functions to identify projects and develop those into well defined business cases in order to realize significant cost savings, foster innovation within the company and avoid operational disruption. 
  • Challenge the existing project management framework to continuously seek ways to do things better, promoting a ‘best practices’ approach to project management in order to achieve the company objectives and drive greater efficiencies for the business. 
  • Negotiate and approve any changes to the project criteria and objectives after consultation with stakeholders to improve project outcomes while addressing any operational concerns. 
  • Promote the philosophy of corporate safe, environmentalism and efficient team working and development across project teams in order to achieve business objectives and continuously improve performance. 
  • Work with key stakeholders and employee champions to develop and maintain a change management approach and plan, implementing and driving the philosophy, objectives and communications for a successful long term roll out on an operational basis. 
Band D employees are expected to have the knowledge & experience listed below. 
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience. 
  • Up to 7 years’ project management experience, preferably in implementing large scale change in a customer focused organization* 
  • Solid knowledge of project management fundamentals and project management practices. 
  • Requires a thorough understanding of program management practices and leading transformational change. 
  • Cyber Security projects are a plus. 
  • Knowledge of operational systems and processes related to their area of project work. 
  • Extensive knowledge of company policies, procedures, field operations, organization structure, budgetary process, regulatory processes and labor agreements. 
  • Strong MS Office suite, project management software skills. 
Capability Requirements: (E) 
  • Analytical Thinking (3): Sees multiple relationships, identifying several likely causes or consequences of a situation supporting risk management, and meeting budget and timeline requirements 
  • Conceptual Thinking (2): Sees patterns or trends in data or situations, notices when a project requirement may be similar to a past project 
  • Customer Orientation (2): Takes personal responsibility for correcting problems with projects promptly and undefensively and communicates customer expectations to monitor delivery and satisfaction 
  • Attention to Detail (3): Monitors quality of others work, checks to ensure procedures are followed
Capability Requirements for Band D: Band D employees should be evaluated against the capabilities listed below. 
  • Analytical Thinking (3): Sees multiple relationships with the project or program, identifying several likely causes or consequences of a situation in order to establish contingency plans. 
  • Impact and Influence (2): Adapts approach and considers what is important to the audience by tailoring message accordingly. 
  • Leveraging Networks (1): Actively builds and maintains a network of relationships, both internal and external to the organization.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration (2): Possesses positive expectations for team members and expresses regard for them and encouragement. 
  • Adaptability (1): Is receptive to change and is willing to change ideas or opinions based on new information, program variations and project scope changes. 
Job Dimensions: 
  • Employees: Project team 
  • Supervise outside contractors.

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