Full Stack Software Engineer

Full Stack Software Engineer
US - FL - Tampa

  • Full Stack Software Engineer in Tampa, FL
  • 6 month contract
  • Leveraging industry and technical expertise to assist management to address more effectively risks associated with their business
  • Assisting management in the assessment of project risks and controls
  • Enhancing internal audit functions to further align to company strategy and risk
  • Reducing company costs through strategic internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions
  • Increasing value and reducing costs of compliance-related activities
  • Identifying opportunities for companies to effectively mitigate risk and improve business performance
  • Applying the concepts of Enterprise Risk Management to help companies identify, assess, mitigate and proactively consider emerging risks
  • Works with various data stores to include SQL, NOSQL and distributed file system storage
  • Develop and integrate capabilities across APIs with backend services written in one or more languages, e.g. Java, Scala, REST, etc.
  • Support development of user web applications written in the latest Javascript technologies
  • Experiment with Big Data tools and open source technologies as well as research 3rd party technologies
Minimum Degree Required:
  • Bachelor's degree in one of the following: Accounting, Finance/Economics, Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Business Administration, Statistics Mathematics, Regulatory Compliance, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics and/or other business field of study.
Degree Preferred:
  • Master's degree in Computer Science or other related technical field
Knowledge Preferred:
  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge in Java or Scala software development languages.
  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge of web application design and application frameworks such as Play or Spring.
  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge of REST services and middle tier business layer design patterns.
  • Demonstrates some knowledge in web UI creation and use of recent javascript libraries.
  • Demonstrates some knowledge of relational databases and SQL; Database design, creation, manipulation and query.
  • Demonstrates some knowledge of NoSQL datastores.
  • Demonstrates through knowledge of the Linux OS and development tooling as well as open source libraries.
Skills Preferred:
  • Demonstrates thorough abilities to develop code using object oriented design, implementation and maturation to take advantage of the language feature sets.
  • Demonstrates thorough experience and ability to write efficient code which is concise and best utilizes system resources which can become constrained in a big data environment.
  • Demonstrates thorough ability to refine requirements, self identify solutions and communicate to the team.
  • Demonstrates thorough ability to develop and modify web applications to include HTML, javascript, ReactJS, Redux, and CSS.
  • Demonstrates some abilities in pattern matching, regex creation and approaches to decompose unstructured text.
  • Demonstrates some abilities with the utilization of enterprise BPMN tools for orchestration of services and workflows.

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