Batch Processor

Batch Processor
US - OH - Mason

  • To ensure we are supplying customers with the highest quality products while adhering to all food and safety standards.
  • This is accomplished by batching food product/condiments to corporate/customer approved recipes. 
Principal Accountabilities:
  • Obtains instruction from lead processor or supervisor. 
  • Ability to follow complete production schedules with minimal scrap/spoilage 
  • Keep up with volume of work required 
  • Visually inspects equipment at station for cleanliness or obvious maintenance problems. 
  • Cleans small machine components, as needed. 
  • Reports any problems to lead processor or supervisor. 
  • Makes piping connections as needed for particular process on schedule. 
  • Monitors equipment controls, temperature meters, valves and adjusts as needed. 
  • Operates forklift/pallet jack to obtain ingredients or move pallets/totes in and around processing area. 
  • While slow, assists processing assistants in cleaning processing areas by scrubbing walls, hosing floor, sweeping floor/emptying trash and performing other cleaning duties. 
  • Utilizes can openers, knives, band cutters, snips, pliers and other small items to open ingredient cases/packages. 
  • Maintains neat work area.
  • Wipes spills that have occurred during mixing process. 
  • Records data pertaining to work completed, ingredients used, lot codes and other processing information. 
  • Assists in cleaning equipment and lines between recipes. 
  • Obtains ingredients/supplies from warehouse. 
  • Obtains samples of batches 
  • Asks lead, supervisor or material handler if there is any rework. 
  • Uses rework if there is any consistently. 
  • Determines ingredients required for formula/recipe and the required amount. 
  • Ability to safely lift 55lbs on a regular basis. 
  • Obtains ingredients from storage area or around work area and pours into kettle. 
  • Meters in other ingredients as required by watching meters and turning on/off kettle. 
  • Utilizes drum lift by strapping drum into lift and operating hydraulic lift with chain. 
  • Manually pushes drum lift to kettle and dumps drum of ingredients as needed. 
  • Operates controls to activate mixers and equipment. 
  • Monitors controls, equipment temperature, valves, and adjusts equipment to meet formula requirements. 
  • Hoses spills off floor and hoses towards drains. 
  • Obtains measures and weighs additional ingredients to set aside in preparation for next batch or recipe. 
  • Assists other processors in pouring ingredients into kettles as needed. 
  • Collects samples and tests for pH, acidity, viscosity and solids. 
  • Reads test results and adjusts equipment/recipe accordingly. 
  • Notifies lead processor of any major adjustments needed, or problems with process. 
  • Transfers finished products to drum, tote, or tank by pumping through piping system. 
  • Operates switches to control pumps when batch is complete. 
  • Assists in preparing drums, totes, or tanks for storage of product by ensuring that the proper placarding information is on the package. 
  • Determines appropriate size of batch needed to accommodate orders and line. 
  • Closely monitors batch temperature while processing and waiting for packaging to ensure that product will not set prematurely. 
  • Operates equipment in a safe manner following GMP guidelines and keeps work area clean. 
  • Participates in meetings and have scheduling flexibility. 
  • Trains others as necessary. 
  • Fills in for other positions as necessary. 
  • Occasionally testing batches in the lab and recording information on proper documentation. 
  • Additional responsibilities of this position include assisting in the creation of a culture of safety and health by performing work safely in accordance with all company safety procedures.
  • Operates equipment safely and reports any unsafe work conditions or practice to supervisor.
  • Occupational safety and health performance is measured in this position 
  • Other duties as assigned 
Essential Functions:
  • Medium 75 lb. Up to 50 lb. 
  • High school or GED required 
PC Competencies:
  • EXCEL Required 
  • WORD Required
Other applications:
  • Modern equipment requires basic knowledge of computer and/or electronic data processing.
  • Some new machines have robotized electronic components that sanitizers must be able to understand and work with, clean, and/or manipulate.

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