Allocation Analyst

Allocation Analyst
CA - Toronto, ON

  • Allocation Analyst in Toronto, ON, CA
  • 12 month contract
  • Complete daily analysis of Customer Orders, Customer Allocations and Supply to ensure flow of Inventory meets Customer commitments for quantity and timing. (50%) 
  • Reach out to all stakeholders to have orders adjusted by Customer Service to ensure Customers are not over-ordering their Forecasts to the detriment of total Company Supply. (25%) 
  • Create reports as required and lead recurring meetings with Sales and Planning teams to track on-going requirements for Prepacks for Scale and Everyday events as well as for Full assortment for each of our Seasonal events (Easter/Spring, Halloween, Festive) (10%) 
  • Minimize Waste by monitoring sell-through, reporting short-falls and consolidating forecasts to allow more efficient packaging buys & production runs. (15%) 
  • Daily analysis of orders and supply. Liaise with CSCS & Sales to manage forecasts & Order Timing via recurring meetings and/or Email communication to manage product availability. (15%) 
  • Control all Suffix/Substitutions in SAP for all categories including Mass Add/Reject (15%) 
  • Liaise with all Planning Departments to determine Demand Requirements & Timing. This includes packaging, feedstock and finished goods. (10%) 
  • Pull SPARK Sales Forecast Reports at Customer and SKU level to capture ‘Frozen’ period forecasts for use in the Allocation Process (5%) 
  • Bi-Weekly Reporting for all Cross-Functions by Event, by Customer, by Category and by SKU (5%) 
  • Following-up with Sales on “To Go” Balances to minimize excess and Waste (5%) 
  • Participate in Packaging Buy meetings/decisions and communicate requirements to External Manufacturer (5%) 
  • Highschool Graduate/Bachelor's Degree (3 to 4 years)
  • General Work Experience – SC or Commercial preferred 25 
  • Functional Work Experience
  • SAP, MS Access and L6S experience preferred 13

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